Wetland and park




Almost half the area of La Gola is covered by water. It covers the wetland and its area of influence. 

The largest water surface is to be found  in the central zone of La Gola, where  the  width is greater and the water has a higher concentration of salt due to  the  direct connexion with the sea. The  Síller torrent and the Gommar torrent supply the fresh water found at La Gola.

Areas of Salicornia vegetation surround the lagoon, where the water level depends on the sea tides (less noticeable in the Mediterranean).



Beyond  the  flood  zone  we  find  the  path  that  runs through the  park  of  La  Gola. The itinerary surrounds the whole wetland and passes through the different habitats of the park.


The  route  is  completely   adapted  for  people  with  reduced mobility   and   has  different  bird observation points.


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